Courses (Syllabi)

EDSP 3240--Family Communication & Collaboration for Exceptional Learners
Analysis of collaboration and communication models and strategies used in working with families, caregivers and professionals concerned about students with exceptionalities. Focus on the changing definition of family, community resources, advocacy groups, political forces, legal mandates and other factors are addressed that may impact students and their families.


EDSP 5240--Collaboration with Parents, Paraeducators and Professionals
Communication and collaboration models and strategies in working with parents, caregivers and professionals concerned about exceptional learners. Emphasis on the changing definition of families and changing demographics and the implications these changes have for effectively involving others in the decision-making for exceptional learners. Analysis made of legal mandates and availability of resources to ensure quality services for exceptional learners.


EDSP 6410--Theoretical Issues In Mild/Moderate Disabilities (Learning Disabilities)
Analysis of the theoretical issues surrounding a life-span approach to learning disabilities. Emphasis is on the cognitive, social and neuropsychological research applicable to learning disabilities. Educational implications of the research also are addressed.


EDSP 6420--Advanced Studies in Mild/Moderate Disabilities Programming
In-depth exploration of the etiology and developmental characteristics of students with mild to moderate disabilities (M/MD) including those with cognitive and developmental disabilities, behavior disorders and attention deficit disorder. Focus on historical and current perspectives on educational programming for children and young adults with M/MD, as well as identifying and developing strategies for increasing access to and success in the general education curriculum and community.


EDSP 6290--Special Education and Public Policy
Examination of the current social, political and economic factors influencing the public policy decisions affecting special education programs and practices. Major historical public policy decisions affecting special education are used to examine current and proposed public policy decisions


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