1. Does it promote interactive learning and encourage the child's construction of knowledge?
  2. Does it help achieve social, emotional, physical and cognitive goals while promoting democratic values?
  3. Does it encourage development of positive feelings and dispositions toward learning while leading to the acquisition of knowledge and skills?
  4. Is it meaningful and relevant to these children's lives?
  5. Are the expectations realistic and attainable at this time for these children, or should it wait until they are older?
  6. Is it of interest to the children and to the teacher?
  7. Is it sensitive to and respectful of cultural and linguistic diversity, allowing for individual differences, and promoting positive relationships with families?
  8. Does it build on and extend children's current knowledge and abilities?
  9. Does it help children construct thier own knowledge within meaningful contexts?
  10. Does it integrate content across subject areas?
  11. Is the information presented accurate and credible?
  12. Is the content worth knowing, and worth knowing now?
  13. Does it encourage active learning by allowing children to make meaningful choices?
  14. Does if foster exploration and inquiry, rather than focusing on "one right answer"?
  15. Does it promote thinking, reasoning, problem solving and decision making?
  16. Does it encourage  social interaction among children and adults?
  17. Does it respect children's development, and needs for physical activity, sensory involvement, fresh air, rest, hygiene, and nourishment/ elimination?
  18. Does it promote feelings of psychological safety, security, and feelings of trust and belonging?
  19. Does it provide experiences that lead to feelings of competence, success, and enjoyment of learning?
  20. Does it permit flexibility for children and teachers?

from Reaching Potentials: Appropriate Curriculum and Assessment for Young Children, Volume I, Sue Bredekamp and Teresa Rosegrant, Editors,1992, National Association for the Education of Young Children