5680: Basic Counseling Skills (3 hours)

A study of selected basic techniques of counseling and of the application of ethical standards in counseling. Course should be taken concurrently with COUN 5710.

5690: Practicum in Counseling (3 hours)

Provides actual counseling experience with a variety of clients and problems. Prerequisites: all required degree courses in counselor education except COUN 5720 and 5721. Students who take the practicum in counseling during the summer must enroll for both terms. The second-term enrollment will be in COUN 5900.

5750: College Student Development Theory (3 hours)

A study of student development theory as it relates to students in higher education and student affairs practice. Prerequisites: COUN 5680 or consent of department.

5800: Counseling the Adolescent (3 hours)

This course focuses on plans for achieving counseling and consulting objectives working with adolescents ages 12 - 21. Emphasis is on principles as well as methods. This course will utilize class discussions, peer group work, lecture, demonstration, videotaped materials, direct observation, guest speakers, and student presentations to reach learning objectives. In this course you should begin to integrate all your previous course learning in the Counselor Education program in preparation for applying that learning for working with adolescents in a variety of settings.