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Right From The Start: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Childhood Education (Spring 1999)

Laura Bush speaking on the importance of early childhood education at the Spring conference luncheon.
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Looking Ahead: Developing Bright Futures For Young Children (Fall 2002)

Shawn McClintock, Jenny Liu and Jaime Thomson greet attendees at they register.
Attendees preview the Success from the Start video series and the Home Learning Kits.

Connecting with Children: Learning with the Brain in Mind (Fall 2000)

Marilyn Whirry, 2000 National Teacher of the Year, addresses attendees at the conference luncheon.

Changing Children, Changing Practice: A New Look at Early Childhood Education (Fall 2001)

VES Program staff: (L-R) Jesse Jones, Larry Barroso, Lily Page and Jaime Thomson.
Michele Forman, 2001 National Teacher of the Year, delivers the luncheon keynote.

Bringing in the 21st Century: Developing Minds and Children in the New Millennium (Fall 1999)

Ron Kotulak, morning keynote speaker, presenting recent discoveries about the brain.
Andy Baumgartner sharing the “Button Factory” story.

Thailand Project

A traditional Thai early childhood classroom
In this Thai classroom, children sit at individual desks rather than at tables or centers as in a Success For Life classroom.

Lay Person of the Year - Division 39

Div. 39 Annual Prayer Breakfast, Layperson of the Year Recognition
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