Kinesiology Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in Kinesiology offers a complete curriculum that prepares students for a variety of careers in the public and private sectors, and in teaching. The teacher certification program is for those who plan to teach physical education and/or coach in public or private schools. The non-teaching program is for those who choose to work in some aspect of the business world, including corporate fitness programs, fitness and/or sports medicine centers, sports clubs, youth activities, or sport management. The program is structured so students take a theory core, a performance core, plus elective courses specific to one's career interest. Each Kinesiology major has a faculty member who provides guidance about career and professional opportunities. The student will be able to work with a Kinesiology academic advisor plus his/her assigned faculty advisor throughout the course of study in Kinesiology. Current information regarding the Kinesiology program may be obtained by contacting the Undergraduate Coordinator at (940) 565-2856