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Focus: Body Concept – Body Shapes



Introduction: Good morning! Today we are going to learn about body shapes.  In our chart we have some movement words about body shapes. Have student(s) read the cards.

 Straight, wide, round, twisted.  Can anyone show me a straight shape? Student can stand in own space and show shape.  We are going to do lots of fun activities with body shapes today.  I want you to listen for our start and stop signals. Give students a start and stop signal.  I also want you to remember when you  move around the gym, we don’t run into anyone.  We have our own space.  This is called our personal space.  Raise your hand if you are ready to have fun!



Body Awareness  (elements of lesson) 

Cards Needed:   Straight, wide, round, twisted

Space Awareness:  (elements of lesson)

Cards Needed:

Effort Awareness: (elements of lesson)

Cards Needed:

Awareness of Relationships: (elements of lesson)

Cards Needed:


Behavioral Cues/Directions for Learners:

1. When I say ‘go,’ you may begin


2. The stop signal is ‘freeze.’ Remember to stop right away and stay on your feet.

3.  We are going to work in our own personal space.



Content: (fully identify each task AND list learning MEF cues for each task)


Task 1:  List all your tasks separately


Task 2: 


Task 3: 


Task 4:




References: Make sure you include reference (e.g. your text)

Bridges, J. & Weiller-Abels, K. (2007). Movement Education Framework: Concepts, Flip &

            Fold, Cards.

Identify other references used!