Space Awareness




The largest grouping of basic components and the

most critical – CONCEPT

Grouping of movement elements within a movement concept – CATEGORY

Most specific description of the movement. This represents the actual movement that is done – ELEMENT(S)

Building a Word Bank

Space Awareness (or Space)

Place where action occurs

The Space concept is divided into 5 categories:


Location - where the movement takes place

Directions - Which way the movement goes

Levels - where the movement is located as it relates to the supporting surface

Pathways - invisible patterns or tracings made as movement occurs (surface or air)

Planes - space orientation within body or self space


Extensions (Range) - how much space is used in movement or size of space around body

Categories and Elements


Location - Where the movement takes place

Self space - space directly surrounding you

General space - all area available for movement (entire space)

Directions – Which way the movement goes

Forward – front of the body/way chest is facing

Backward – back of body leads action

Sideward (right/left) – side of body leads action

Up – raise arm over head (headward)

Down – lowering body to floor (downward)

Clockwise – movement in same direction as hands on clock

Counterclockwise – movement opposite of hands on clock

Levels – Where movement takes place in relation to supporting surface

Low – space between knees and floor

Medium – space between knees and shoulders

High – space above your shoulders toward the ceiling

Pathways – Pattern made as the movement occurs on surface or in the air

Straight – direct line

Curved – arch or semicircle

Zigzag – crisscross manner

Planes – Space orientation of body or self space

Wheel - (sagittal/side-side)

Door - (frontal/ front-back)

Table - (transverse/top-bottom)


Planes: Names

Gives a name to the 3 dimensions of body or self space



Size of space around the body; movement that is done close to or far from the body

Far (large) – movement that takes lots of space; large movements/hands far from the body

Near (small) – movement that takes little space; small movements/hands close to the body