Subject Matter Integration

¬Kinesiology 4500
¬What is interdisciplinary learning?
¬Advantages of Interdisciplinary learning
¬Cross-curricular experiences
¬Relationship with TAKS
¬Interdisciplinary Learning
¬Subject areas are integrated
–Goal enhancing learning in each subject
¬Curriculum can be structured in many ways
–Using idea as focal point
–Theme can be focus of several disciplines
¬Cross-Curricular Learning Experiences
¬Language Arts
–Listen and respond to story through movement
–Children measure and graph distances of traveling actions
–Create a movement experience by going on exploratory space mission
¬Relationship with TAKS
¬TAKS Language 
¬TAKS Math
¬TAKS Reading and Writing
¬Advantages of Interdisciplinary Learning
¬Curriculum can be made more relevant
–Knowledge and skills of real life concepts
¬Children learn in variety of ways
¬Movement is natural medium for learning
¬Are there concerns?