KINE 3080

KINE 3080
Physiological Bases of Exercise and Sport

MW 3:30 PM - 4:50 PM
PEB 220

MW 3:30 PM - 4:50 PM
PEB 216

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Bob Patton, PhD
Office:  205-H PEB
Phone:  940-565-3425
Fax:  940-565-4904
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10:20 AM -   12:00 PM

Outline KINE 3080.001 Fall 2010 (doc)4.57 KB
Outline KINE 3080.002 Fall 2010 (doc)4.57 KB
Chapter 1: Muscle (ppt)3.27 MB
Chapter 2: Metabolism and Hormones (ppt)1.53 MB
Chapter 3: Neural Control (ppt)1.6 MB
Chapter 4: Energy and Fatigue (ppt)760 KB
Chapter 5: CV System (ppt)1 MB
Chapter 6: Respiration (ppt)934.5 KB
Chapter 7: Acute CV Responses (ppt)1.32 MB
Chapter 8: Training Principles (ppt)572.5 KB
Chapter 9: Strength Training (ppt)4.12 MB
Chapter 10: Chonic Responses (ppt)2.46 MB
Chapter 11: Thermoregulation (ppt)1.26 MB
Chapter 12: Altitude (ppt)690.5 KB
Chapter 13: Training for Sport (ppt)726 KB
Chapter 14: Boby Comp and Nutrition (ppt)2.35 MB
Chapter 15: Ergogenic Aids (ppt)933.5 KB
Chapter 16: Children (ppt)766.5 KB
Chapter 18: Sex Differences (ppt)1.32 MB
Chapter 19: Ex Rx (ppt)334 KB
Chapter 20: CAD (ppt)2.05 MB