Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy and Classroom Etiquette


Following the freebies, points will be deducted from the final point total for each additional absence. In the event that you are scheduled to take part in an official University function on the date of the exam, please contact me at once in order to schedule a make-up test session. If you need to speak with me and have a conflict with office hours, I will be happy to make an appointment at a time that is convenient for us both.

Classroom Etiquette

Student behavior that interferes with an instructor’s ability to conduct a class or other students' opportunity to learn is unacceptable and disruptive and will not be tolerated in any instructional forum at UNT. Students engaging in unacceptable behavior will be directed to leave the classroom and the instructor may refer the student to the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities to consider whether the student's conduct violated the Code of Student Conduct.  The university's expectations for student conduct apply to all instructional forums, including university and electronic classroom, labs, discussion groups, field trips, etc. The Code of Student Conduct can be found at

This course involves lectures and activities in and out of class. Plan to show up to class on time. Turn cell phones off or to vibrate (no text messaging will be allowed, etc.). Likewise, turn off iPods, computers, and other electronic devices prior to entering class. Cell phones and other electronic devices (laptop computers, iPods, calculators, etc.) can be distracting when used during class. These devices should be placed in your backpack or under your desk. During quizzes, test, or other examination activities cell phones and other electronic devices must be completely turned off and stored in your backpack, under your desk, or in the front of the classroom. Only topics related to the course content should be discussed during class time. Talking during a lecture or engaging in inappropriate discussions is distracting to others in the class. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in you: (a) being asked to leave the classroom, (b) receiving a “zero” on the activity (quiz, test, etc.) of the day, and (c) possibly referring you to the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities (see above information and web address). Therefore, be respectful of the instructor and other students around you.

Course Email Requirement and Etiquette

All students are required to activate their UNT e-mail accounts.  Information about this class, and updates to the assignments will be sent via e-mail.  If students do not want to use their UNT accounts on a regular basis, they are highly encouraged to have their UNT e-mail messages forwarded to an account that they do check on a regular basis. When communicating with me through email use my "" email address. Students are expected to carefully and thoughtfully write the communication. This should be done by using a meaningful subject line (course name, reference question), a greeting (e.g., Hello Dr. Martin) and a signature with a UNT student identification number. Using abbreviations, all lower case, or all upper case lettering is discouraged. Proof read emails before sending them. This will allow me to address your question or concern thoroughly and promptly.

Blackboard Course Requirement

All students are required to become familiar with their UNT Blackboard account. Information about this class and updates to assignments will be uploaded via Blackboard. Students must check their Blackboard class site regularly to keep up with course requirements.