Project PATH


Project PATH


Project PATH will engage Hispanic high school students at North Dallas High School in culturally appropriate health promotion activities and experiences. Project PATH goals are coincident with the goals of Healthy People 2010, which are: 1) increase life expectancy and quality of life and 2) decrease health disparities. The behaviors addressed in Project PATH are major health indicators identified in Healthy People 2010. In accordance with Healthy People 2010, specific measurable objectives for Project PATH include: 1) Increasing the proportion of high school students who engage in vigorous physical activity that promotes cardiorespiratory fitness three or more days per week for 20 or more minutes per occasion, 2) Reducing the proportion of high school students who are overweight and obese, and 3) Reducing cigarette smoking by high school students. Measurable outcomes are based on those used in a nationwide study (i.e., Youth Risk Behavior Survey) and additional measures of healthy lifestyles (i.e., physical fitness level, physical activity assessment, weight, and smoking behaviors). A 4th objective is the training of university students in the delivery of a health promotion program to Hispanic students who are members of an underserved ethnic population that suffers from health disparities. 

North Dallas High School consists of approximately 75% Hispanic-American, 15% African-American, 5% Asian-American and 5% Anglo-American students. Project PATH is a partnership between investigators from the UNT Department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation and researchers/program developers at the University of North Texas Health Science Center-Fort Worth. 

The Project provides funding for 5 graduate or undergraduate students for the length of the project. This will provide students with opportunities to learn about program delivery with diverse populations. 

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has funded Project PATH for twenty (20) months beginning January 2002. 

Co-Investigators – Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation
James R. Morrow, Jr. - Professor
Scott B. Martin – Assistant Professor
Allen W. Jackson – Regents Professor
Shannon J. FitzGerald – Post-Doctoral Research Scientist