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A Framework for Research on Professional Development Schools

By Jeanne Tunks and Jane Neapolitan

Paper 0-7618-3822-8 / 978-0-7618-3822-7
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University Press
of America, Inc


Curriculum and Instruction, Ph.D., UNT, 1997

UNT Position:

College of Education Professor specialzing in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of North Texas

Teaching Areas:

  • Math Methods, Dallas PDS – A41FBA5B
  • Math Methods, Denton PDS –D5321E75
  • Social Studies Methods, Denton PDS – A93CAD2C

Courses actively teaching: UG courses found in livetext

Research Interests:

  • Mathematics education
  • Professional Development Schools (pdf attached) (book information to left)
  • Artful teaching
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